Do You Have a Porn Addiction?

For quite a few men this might be a confronting question, but for someone who recognizes they have a porn addiction, it is possibly one of the most confronting things they could encounter. Once we have explored more about porn obsessions the reasons for this may become clearer.

So , do you have an addiction to porn?

Firstly, let’s understand what we are talking about. The term ‘porn’ itself probably doesn’t need much clarification. However , organizations ‘addiction’ is something that is often used very freely within society to define a broad range of behaviours.

There are an infinite number of different ways that addiction has been defined, but one of the most popular and simplest is Wikipedia’s definition of it as “a extended involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative penalties associated with it”.

From this definition it is clear that the time period ‘addiction’ could be applied to any number of different challenges. Alcohol in addition to drug addictions are commonly understood issues in our society. Several other addictions that counsellors might regularly encounter include having sex addictions, gaming addictions, TV addictions, etc . There is a hot debate within the helping professional about whether hot lesbian sex online addictions in reality exist, and whether they should be classed in the same was initially as other ‘addictions’.

So while someone may be addicted to something like porn or gaming, it does not suggest that the actions or the activity itself is problematic or an ‘issue’. Issues and problems relating to addiction generally only fill out an application when the behaviour is ongoing and continues, despite impacting on negatively on other areas of one’s life or the life of them around you.

Porn itself often carries a negative stigma. This will originate from a family or religious value system. As a result, quite a few people may find that they have a number of responses or reactions to their practices, either during or after having viewed pornography. For someone who’s got been raised with values that suggests porn is definitely ‘wrong’, there can be a sense of guilt or shame. Other woman self-judgement can arise too, such as thinking that one may often be a ‘bad person’ or ‘feeling worthy-less’ or worthless. For some men accessing porn may be something that they do in technique, either a secret that they keep alone, or possibly one that can be shared with a close friend or partner.

So what is the main difference between simply watching porn and being addicted to porn?

Perhaps you can ask yourself these questions:

  • 1 . Do you access porno on a regular basis? Perhaps more than once per week?
  • 2 . Do you notice every anxiety within yourself if you aren’t able to access porn as frequently as you’d like?
  • 3. Are parts of your life being negatively impacted because you are accessing porn?
  • 4. Are all relationships in your life being affected?
  • 5. Do you often will do do some other activity and then somehow find yourself accessing adult instead?
  • 6. Are you regularly getting less sleep than you should because of porn?
  • 7. When you access porn do not you often find yourself spending far more time than you had desired?
  • 8. Have you increased your broadband plan to accommodate your company porn needs?
  • 9. Do you often tell yourself you’re going to avoid or you’re going to limit the amount of porn you access, then it doesn’t actually happen?

I’m not going to tell you the fact that because you’ve answered these questions with a ‘yes’ that you really definitely have a porn addiction. To do so would simply boost ‘judgements’ that you’ve possibly already heaped on yourself. Yet , if some of these questions do apply to you, then potentially there is something there for you to explore.

Often someone with an addiction is going to focus all of their efforts on trying to stop the desire. They will set themselves goals, such as “I’m not going to do it for 7 days”. Sometimes there is even a encourage at the end: “if I abstain for 2 weeks I’ll compensate myself with a… “. They will often question why they do the item, and what it’s caused by. The addiction, and stopping them, can be something that begins to consume their life and their opinions, and can have a significant impact on how they feel.

From very own experience in working with clients, persistent behaviours such as adult porn addictions, often suggest an absence of something else in their life. Even as it is important not to completely ignore the addictive behaviour, often the vacation towards a better balance in life is through actually focussing on other aspects of one’s life, such as relationships, category of origin issues, and other feelings deep within that are desperate to be explored and heard.

Addictive behaviours are sometimes exactly how for men to cover up, or hide away, something else for their lives that they don’t feel they are ready to deal with. For those men, they may not be aware of what these other issues are actually, or even that they exist.

Porn addictions can occur in pays out. There can be a time where one accesses porn very often, more or less not being able to stop. And, then there are other times when the feeling is not as strong, or life is interesting and fast paced enough that one doesn’t even think of porn, or perhaps considering that there isn’t an opportunity. Because of the cycle of addition men could possibly sometimes commit to seeking help for their addiction, but then if they are feeling less addicted, or less attracted to the mature, they tell themselves they are on the right track and don’t follow through. After which it the cycle begins again.

My professional experience plus training suggests to me that it is extremely hard for someone to find a ‘solution’ to their addiction, or to let go of their addiction, on their own. Most of the time it is necessary to engage some help. Because of the nature of adult movie addictions it can be really hard for many men to seek help right from those close to them. They may not want anyone else to know.

By just seeking help from a professional who has the experience to help you and is also bound by a confidentiality framework, it is possible to find a way forward from a safe and supportive way. It is important to realise that the travelling to healing addictions has many ‘ups and downs’. Aquiring a professional who is able to expertly guide you and remain continuous for you during this journey, is invaluable.

So , whether you’ve got a porn addiction or not, if you feel that porn is an issue in your life, try to seek some support and help from a entitled professional.

It’s good to talk.


While I don’t choose to suggest that porn is either good or bad, the porn files industry does have a reputation (which may or may not be valid) for sometimes exploiting individuals. A concern that is often expressed around porn is that it treats men and women as objects. By reaching porn in which anyone has been exploited we can become sobre facto supporters of that exploitation ourselves. However , for the purposes of this article, I am assuming that we are referring to porn where most of the participants are informed consenting adults.

Disclaimer: This article is designed provide men with general information about porn and pornography addictions. This article should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a special treatment plan or course of action. Before making any decisions about your overall health, you should consult a qualified health professional such as a counsellor, therapist and also doctor.

History of Sex in India and Its Changing Role

Yavatmal, india with its vast population and ancient history understandably has had changing attitudes towards sex. The history of sex around India has been affected by many things, the caste system, colonization, and latterly globalization. There has been a turnaround in posture towards sex recently and a return to attitudes that were usual in ancient times.

Although the Kama Sutra is popularly referred to today in Western countries as a guide to sex, Of india attitudes towards sex has been almost prudish until adverse reports about them. An influx of Western culture has slowly spotted a sexual revolution unfolding in India.

The Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is one of the surviving texts within the sixty four arts of love making. It was not frequently distributed by everyone in India. The history of sex on India was always guided by the caste system, currently today. Indian Porn Video between castes was often forbidden. The better castes and those belonging to the nobility practised the sixty nearly four arts. There were many versions of the arts, some of that were lost forever. These guides were highly influential and even spread as far as Japan.

The Kama Sutra comes from an era when India had relatively liberal ideas towards making love. Sex was considered a duty to be carried out by married couples, together with husband and wife were to pleasure each other equally. These liberal position towards sex are not consistent throughout the history of having sex in India.


Colonization had a very big cause problems for the history of sex in India. British colonists carried with them a Victorian attitude towards sex and propriety. The establishment of British rule meant that Language ideas towards sex slowly spread throughout India. This unique severely curbed sexual freedom and many respected Indians put into practice this form of thinking towards sex.


While the W. experienced the beginnings of a sexual revolution in the 50’s and 70’s, India remained in its colonial past in relation to attitudes towards sex. It has only started to open up so that you can ideas about sex and sexual freedom in recent years simply because exposure towards Western standards on sexual freedom has grown.

Depictions of sex in movies and television is actually rare, even kissing scenes are considered by many Indians. This however is changing, with sex slowly crawling into the cinema. The liberalization of sexual attitudes for modern India has marked a new chapter in the past of sex in India. The AIDS epidemic has had hold of India.

The large amount of AIDS cases is largely about the population of India. However the problem of poor sexual activity education is also part of the problem. Many people in rural zones do not know they are infected and continue to infect others.